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About Frank deMatteis

Whether viewing his works of art or meeting the man himself, one immediately becomes aware of the infinite energy that pervades the private and professional life of Frank deMatteis.


His is a finely tuned and thoughtfully exerted energy - the kind of vigour which has triggered an uninterrupted 150 mile bicycling trip in response to a beautiful day and has commanded him to stretch his body and mind through the marathon of creating a masterful collection of wildlife art.


 Frank deMatteis has always been fascinated by nature, especially birds and their ability to fly. At the age of six, he possessed a feather collection, and by eight he had begun to draw these creatures painstakingly in pencil crayon. Predictably, during high school, his assignments were considered an inconvenience to his endless hours of sketching.


Through his guidance counsellor, Frank was introduced to Canadian abstract artist Jack Pollock, who provided ample encouragement for a raw talent. Frank became a professional artist in 1971. While his classmates were filling our collage applications, Frank at age 19, was nervously hosting his first show - a 35 - piece sell out show!


Frank was appreciated early for his scientific accuracy. By 1978, media accolades were referring to the movement and lush environments of his subjects. Today Frank is noted for his mastery in watercolours, oils and  casein productions. His paintings were and still are at once beautiful in precision and communication of the energy of nature itself.


Frank, an avid naturalist engages in exhaustive field studies and sketching has lived and painted in the Georgian Bay area for the past 25 years. Leaving Toronto to make Grey County his home to find more time to paint and be emersed in nature.


Far more than a ‘wildlife artist’, Frank connects the viewer with an intimate knowledge that few of us can experience first hand.

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