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“Frank has the main ingredients for a

top notch wildlife painter … skill, talent

and good ideas. He is able to handle

watercolours very well and he accurately

depicts selected fragments of nature.” 


“Frank’s paintings have a natural quality, like a slice of the real world!”

Robert Bateman


“His are action scene, which makes them exceptional for naturalistic painting, but the depend on a superbly coloured environment, which raises them above the general wildlife genre.”

The Globe and Mail, Toronto


“Wildlife painting is a special branch of art whose devotees demand, above all else, anatomical accuracy. This quality Frank deMatteis delivers … The wildlife painter has other concerns then mere facts if he is to call himself an artist. A lifelike rendering, for example that catches the personality of the creature.. There is none of the embalmed look in his paintings.”

 Louise Bruner, Art Critic, Toledo, Ohio

“…this instinct for pure painting, backed by an uncanny eye for catching movement, personality and a sense of life in the birds and surrounding foliage - so intense you could squash a berry, feel a heartbeat, bat at a mosquito.”

Kay Kritzwiser, Globe & Mail, Toronto





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